New Book from Leon Grunberg

Hi all,

Over the last year or so, four CSOC faculty have published scholarly books. We’d like to briefly announce those books over the coming week. Here’s the first:

We’re happy to announce that Leon Grunberg, Professor of Sociology and our department chair, recently published a new book with Yale University Press. The book, Turbulence: Boeing and the State of American Workers and Managers, is co-authored with Edward S. Greenberg (University of Colorado – Boulder), Sarah Moore (University of Puget Sound), and Patricia B. Sikora (Sikora Associates), and presents the results of over a decade of sociological research at Boeing. The book has already received substantial attention in the press (including the New York Times and the Seattle Times).

Here’s an overview of the book from the publisher’s website:

This timely book investigates the experiences of employees at all levels of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) during a ten-year period of dramatic organizational change. As Boeing transformed itself, workers and managers contended with repeated downsizing, shifting corporate culture, new roles for women, outsourcing, mergers, lean production, and rampant technological change. Drawing on a unique blend of quantitative and qualitative research, the authors consider how management strategies affected the well-being of Boeing employees, as well as their attitudes toward their jobs and their company. Boeing employees’ experience holds vital lessons for other employees, the leaders of other firms determined to thrive in today’s era of inescapable and growing global competition, as well as public officials concerned about the well-being of American workers and companies.

Congratulations, Leon.


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