New Course: Asian Medical Systems (CSOC 225)

In case you haven’t seen the posters around McIntyre, Dr. Denise Glover is offering a new course next semester. Asian Medical Systems (CSOC 225) is a basic introduction to three traditional medical systems of Asia: Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and Tibetan medicine. We will examine theoretical underpinnings, training of practitioners, materials and techniques utilized in treatment, and important historical developments in each system. Additionally, we will explore issues of the interface between biomedicine and these systems, and larger issues of globalization in the practice and consumption of traditional medicines. Taking an anthropological approach, we will aim to understand each system from within itself while also paying close attention to the social and cultural conditions under which each system has thrived and has also faced challenges. We will examine how systems of healing are both biologically as well as culturally based. Furthermore, we will consider how these medical systems relate to issues of national identity and global politics.

Students with questions can contact Professor Glover at


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