Are you studying abroad next year?

If so, here’s an opportunity to keep in mind. Students studying abroad in the spring or fall semester of 2012 should consider applying to the Bill Campbell Fund of the Phi Beta Kappa society. The fund provides students with money to extend their stay abroad and continue their research and/or study. Considering how important the duration of stay is to the ethnographic endeavor, this seems a particularly appropriate fund for students in CSOC.

Here are the details: The Campbell Fund funds research for one or two Puget Sound students who are studying abroad.  The purpose of the grant is to give students a chance to extend the period of their study abroad program in order to complete a special project or course of study.  Awards typically range from $500-$1,500.  In 2010 two students received scholarships totaling $2100 for research on young Japanese recluses and on open-air markets in France. The application form is attached.  It requires a two-page description of the research project and the budget.  Students should apply directly to Greta Austin (CMB 1028/ by November 15, 2011.    


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