Congratulations to CSOC Summer Research Award Winners!

Comparative Sociology would like to congratulate two majors who received Summer Research Awards this week:

Max Keyes, whose project is titled War Tourism: Shaping Memory and Perception in Post-War Vietnam

Max writes of his project, “I will be studying the role of dark tourism (travel to places associated with death and suffering) in shaping memory and perception in Vietnam after its war. I feel very privileged to receive this award and look forward to traveling and studying this summer!”

Evan Skamarock, whose project is titled Migrant Remittances in Rural Nepal: A Mixed-methods Household-level Analysis

He adds, “For my summer research project I will be studying the impact of remittances within households and communities in southern rural Nepal. The summer research money will allow me to get into the field, working with the individuals, families, and greater communities that are directly affected by these processes. Using primarily ethnographic methods, I hope to cultivate a better understanding of how this money is used, and its influence and impact upon the daily lives of those affected. I hope to situate the data within a wider discussion about the role of migrants, remittance flows, and development. This is a spectacular opportunity to cultivate and practice the methods learned at UPS. I feel wonderfully fortunate to be given such a promising opportunity.”

Congratulations to Evan and Max, we know you will both do great work in Asia this summer.

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