Summer Internship Opportunity in Tacoma

The Hilltop Garden Explorer program is in the works for this summer and we would love to have some University of Puget Sound interns if possible.  The program emerged out of the construction of the community garden at the McCarver Park and seeks to provide a select group of McCarver Elementary School students with important knowledge about gardening, farmers markets, cooking, and nutrition that they can utilize in the garden and related community food activities.  “Graduating” students come back each summer to mentor the new bunch.  In just its second summer of operation, the program is a great way to spend time with kids as they learn about food, gardens, and community, as well as develop important leadership skills.  You can see more at:

The program will run from 7/9 – 8/23, 4 days a week from 9 – 2:00.  There will be 20 students participating (4th and 5th graders) as well as 10 mentor/teaching assistants (6th to 9th graders).   There are two positions available, and each receives a $1500 stipend.

Interested students should contact

Julia Martin Lombardi (Castings)


Carol Ramm-Grammenz (McCarver Elementary School)

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