New Ebook: Constructing Qatar: Migrant Narratives from the Margins of the Global System

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce the electronic publication of a new collection of migrant narratives from Qatar. As you may know, I spent a few years teaching at Qatar University, and during my time there I worked with a group of six student researchers on a project that sought to explore and engage the experiences of the labor migrants who build and service the city of Doha. This book is a product of those students’ work: they interviewed labor migrants, spent time immersed in their world, learned about their homes in Asia and Africa, and crafted these stories as a result.

We talked with several academic publishers about the collection, but none felt that their distribution networks would reach our potential market in the Middle East and Asia. As a result, we decided to try ePublishing. Here’s the official announcement, along with links to the appropriate pages at Amazon and SmashWords:

Autumn Watts (Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar) and Andrew Gardner (University of Puget Sound) are happy to announce the electronic publication of a new collection entitled Constructing Qatar: Migrant Narratives from the Margins of the Global System. The principal aim of the book is to provide readers with an opportunity to better understand the complexities of the lives of labor migrants in Qatar. With that goal in mind, the book comprises an introduction by the editors and eighteen migration narratives meticulously reconstructed by student-researchers Elma Atic, Nora Biary, Zaid Haque, Elizabeth Jose, Yogamaya Mantha, and Marwa Saleh. The student-researchers conducted multiple interviews with each of the migrants whose lives are portrayed here, and reconstructed these stories based on those lengthy interviews. In addition to those eighteen stories, the electronic collection includes a selection of portraits by photographer Kristin Giordano and a second photo essay of images produced by the labor migrants themselves. The electronic version is priced at U.S. $2.99, and is available at Amazon  Smashwords, and several other platforms. All profits from the sale of this volume will be distributed to organizations that support outreach and assist labor migrants in Qatar.

Have a look if you’re interested.

Best wishes,



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