Fellowship and Info Session, October 18, 5:00!

Hi friends and students,

On Thursday, October 18, Ambassador James Gadsen, the Senior Counselor for International Affairs with the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, will be visiting our campus and leading a discussion and info-session about the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship. We think CSOC students would make great candidates for this fellowship, and we encourage you to attend and apply.

The fellowship is aimed at students who seek a career in foreign service, and it offers $40,000 toward the student’s senior year of undergraduate study, plus more toward graduate school! While it’s pitched toward students in a traditional international-relations-focused track, the CSOC faculty think we have lots of globally-minded students with an interest in grad school in the department.

Date: Thursday, October 18
Location: Wyatt 109
Time: 5:00 pm

Look for posters about the event around campus, and talk to the CSOC faculty if you’re interested in applying. You can learn more about the fellowship here. Also, if you are really interested, you might also want to touch base with the Fellowships Office about your intentions of applying.

Best wishes,



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