Sex Trafficking Events, March 6th (5-7pm) and March 11th (6-8pm)

Multicultural Student Services is having a series of events to raise awareness of sex trafficking issues and to educate all of us about the reality of the situation in the United States. The state of Washington is in the top 3 for human/sex trafficking in the U.S. For those interested, details below, including free cupcakes for all at the lecture on March 11th.
US Domestic Human/Sex Trafficking Awareness Programs

-Part 1: A film screening of “Sex+Money: A Search for Human Worth” And discussion with Prof. Bradford Dillman from IPE dept March 6th (Wed) @ Rausch 5-7pm Free (w/ UPS ID)

– Part 2: A lecture by Dr. Cyndi Romine (CEO of the Called to Rescue, a non-profit organization that strives to stop human/sex trafficking of American minors in the US) March 11th (Mon) @ Trimble Forum, Image6-8pm Free (w/ UPS ID)

– Part 3: Take Back the Night (Speaker Heather Corinna, “Your Rights to the Night” Workshop, and Consciousness-raising concert) March 27-29th (more info to be announced)

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