National Conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Emma Collins, one of our SOAN students, wanted others to know about this opportunity. It looks like there’s significant financial support for anyone interested in attending:


If you are interested in attending a national conference about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then contact either Emma Collins at or Maddie Waddell at ASAP. The conference will be in D.C. from September 28th through October 1st. The conference will feature influential speakers from all sides of the debate. The point of the conference is to educate people about the conflict, not necessarily recruit people for the conference’s host, J Street, which is a political organization that supports a two-state solution to the conflict. Housing is only $36 and J Street U will cover the cost of 80% of each student’s flights if they register by SEPTEMBER FIRST. Emma and Maddie will also try to have ASUPS cover the rest of the cost, so your trip will hopefully be free.
To learn more about J Street and the conference, click these websites: