Congratulations on a Great Poster Session, Seniors!

Sociology and Anthropology Department seniors conducted a poster session this past Wednesday, April 30th, to present their senior thesis research projects. The session was well attended, and showcased many thought provoking studies spanning a wide variety of topics and methodological approaches. Here are a handful of photos that Andrew Gardner and I took of the event, along with a list of all the project titles — we’re sorry we weren’t able to get shots of everyone. Congratulations again, seniors, we’re proud of you!IMG_4848 IMG_4865IMG_4845IMG_4859IMG_4853


 Senior Theses

Kendra Moss: Body Image & Yoga:  Women’s Perceptions Across Varying Ages

Annie Ryan: Finding the Feminism in Self-Help: Postpartum Support Groups as Mechanisms of Resistance

Allison Cobb: Women’s Response to Street Harassment

Emma Collins: Motherhood Values in a Transitional Housing Program

Eva Chirinos: Social Networks among Latin American Male Immigrants

Na Lee Yang: Hmong Language and Cultural Maintenance in Seattle, Washington

Faith Matthews: Film Photography after the Digital Revolution

Chelsea Steiner: The Intersection of Faith and Politics: American Islam and its Influence on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Nikki Polizotto: Livability in Downtown Tacoma:  An analysis of public space and transportation

Erika Barker: Political and Social Activism from the Millennial Perspective

Chloe Thornton: Implications of the Panama Canal Expansion Project:  An exploratory studyon the Port of Tacoma

Max Keyes: Underground Music in the Pacific Northwest

Sarah Plummer: Altering Utopia:  The Life-cycle of Ideals Surrounding Intentional Communities

Ruth Rosas: The Role of Language in Mexican American College Students:  Compensatory Strategies for non-Spanish Speakers

Anna Sable: Housing in Tacoma from a Policy Perspective

Kat Lebo: Youth Violence Prevention Policies: Educator Perspectives on Efficacy




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