New Visiting Professor Devparna Roy

Devparna, with two farmers, amidst fieldwork in India

Devparna, with two farmers, amidst fieldwork in India

We would also like to welcome visiting assistant professor Devparna Roy to the University of Puget Sound!  Professor Roy earned a masters degree in biotechnology from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in India.  She later worked as a journalist, before earning her Ph.D in development sociology from Cornell University in 2006.  As a doctoral student, she worked with Indian farmers to understand why they chose to use (or not use) Bt cotton, a genetically modified strain of cotton developed by Monsanto.  Professor Roy has worked with cotton growers in Mississippi and Texas, as well.  Her work has been presented at conferences across India and the United States, and she has published articles in the Journal of Development Studies and the Agricultural Biotechnology and Development Review.

Professor Roy’s passion for social justice led her to pursue her doctorate in Sociology.  In her opinion, “the time for sociology is now,” as we learn to better study the different forms of inequality in the world.  Aside from teaching, Professor Roy loves movies.  One of her favorites is The Shawshank Redemption, which she describes as “a story of the man who does not give into the system.”  This semester Professor Roy is teaching two sections of SOAN 101 –  Introduction to Sociology, as well as CONN 335 – Race and Multiculturalism in the American Context.


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