Film Screening of ‘Some Na Ceremonies’ with Director Tami Blumenfield (Oct. 10)


Film Screening of Some Na Ceremonies & Discussion with Director Tami Blumenfield

Friday, Oct 10, 12:00-1:00, Commencement Hall 272

Some Na Ceremonies, created by Na directors Onci Archei and Ruheng Duoji and produced by U.S. anthropologist Tami Blumenfield, is a montage of five short pieces. Representations of Na people (also known as Moso) usually center on their matrilineal kinship system, overlooking religion, a central aspect in the lives of Na people. This film’s directors decided to intervene in this omission, capturing important ceremonies on digital video. Ranging from a village film festival, to a pig-sacrifice ceremony, to a three-day funerary ceremony, the ceremonies presented here are riveting, elaborate and meaningful. By avoiding interpretation or voice-over narration but using carefully crafted visual images, the film emphasizes the partiality of any representational attempt. The ceremonies presented are but a glimpse of a much larger ceremonial and spiritual world.

Some Na Ceremonies is an outgrowth of the Moso Media Project, a collaborative, participatory media project that involved providing resources and training for Na people interested in creating and editing digital media, then facilitating community conversations.


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