Tonight: “Collaborative Conservation Comes to Monarchs and Milkweeds,” Gary Nabhan


Public talk by Gary Paul Nabhan

“Collaborative Conservation Comes to Milkweeds and Monarchs”

October 8, 7:00 pm Rasmussen Rotunda, Wheelock Student Center

Confrontational environmental action (though protests, litigation and boycotts) played an important role in the years following Earth Day, but has had less and less success in changing the dialogue with more complex issues. A different paradigm called collaborative conservation or “finding the radical center” changes the cultural dynamics around complex environmental issues to negotiation and on-the-ground actions which may have benefits for all stakeholders in addition to the species or habitats of concern. Nabhan will discuss this option in terms of its successes among ranchers and environmentalists, indigenous peoples and wildlife conservationists, and more recently, those engaged with monarch butterflies and milkweeds.

 Gary Nabhan is an orchard keeper, seed saver, ethnobotanist and conservation biologist who lives and farms near the Mexican border. He is also an Ecumenical Franciscan brother involved in food justice and climate justice work. Utne Reader honored him as one of 24 global citizens whose work with communities is helping make the world a better place in which to live. An author of 26 books, he now devotes his time to growing plants, assisting border communities with their needs, and prayer.


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