Southeast Asia Symposium this Friday!

Please join us for the first annual Southeast Asia Symposium this Friday, 10/24, in Wyatt 109, an event to celebrate our new ‘fieldschools in Southeast Asia’ initiative that began last summer, and will continue in the spring in Malaysia. What’s a symposium, you ask? Well, let me tell you.


Professor Moorthy

At 4pm we’ll have our keynote talk from Professor Ravichandran Moorthy, who has flown in from Malaysia to discuss his research on environmental ethics in Asian resource management. Dr. Moorthy’s work is focused on the intersections of the environment, bioethics, and social justice in Malaysia. He will be discussing work from his recently published book titled Environmental Ethics in Managing Resources in the Asia Pacific.

LIASE seminar photo

Student panelists, from left to right: Brenda Seymour, Logan Day, Kasey Janousek, [David Balgley wouldn’t fly in from Morocco to join the panel], Caryn Stein, Claire Grubb, Lenny Henderson (below), and the disembodied head of Chelsea Steiner.

At 5pm we have a SOAN-heavy group of seven students (and recent graduates) discussing the research projects they conducted as part of last year’s fieldschool in Indonesia. Topics range from conservation culture to fashion to Javanese hip hop.

Around 6:45pm, or whenever the student panel finishes, we’ll have a lavish dinner catered by Indochine, for those who have been dutifully attending or participating in the symposium. Tasty!


Peter Wimberger, hard at work off the coast of Sulawesi.

At 7pm, for those interested in next semester’s Southeast Asia field school in Malaysia, Peter Wimberger, who will be teaching it, will hold an information session to discuss the course/trip, and application process. Anyone interested should make sure to attend, and it’s recommended you come to the whole symposium.

And that’s it! Promises to be a fun and informative event. Please contact Gareth Barkin for more information about the symposium, or Peter Wimberger about the 2015 field school course.


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