Tristan Burger (SOAN ’09) and an Orphanage in Africa

Tristan Burger, a SOAN alumnus, and her partner are celebrating the one year anniversary of the orphanage they’ve established in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. They’ve just missed their fundraising goal, and as you can imagine, even small donations go a long way in the lives of the children they help. I’m pasting her request below.

Dear Friends,

fe9c3bd9-9786-4983-836f-0ba2073b6f4bI am proud to announce that Fred Gato has successfully established the Assured Future Orphanage in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo! Fred and I have been working together since 2011 to see his dream become reality. As of January 20th of this year, we will celebrate our year anniversary as a home to thirteen orphaned children in Bunagana, DRC.

AFO needs your support as we undertake the next step in our work to provide for these children. Please consider making a donation today and help us meet our goal of sustaining this remarkable haven in a war-torn area of the world. You will be providing a crucial financial endowment that will directly impact children’s lives within the DRC. You will be helping a people who, for over a decade, have been devastated by a war which has claimed more than 6 million lives.

An investment of just $25 helps to feed our 13 children for 1 month and $150 covers the rental cost of the AFO home for 6 months! Your gift at any level makes a difference. Please join us in achieving not just our goals, but in helping these children define and exceed theirs. Help us meet our fundraising goal of $1,500 by January 20th.
I should also remark that, despite my best efforts, we were unable to achieve 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status. Therefore, if you donate, your contribution will unfortunately not be tax-deductible.

Please send donations in my name
(Tristan Burger) to:

2857 Shadow Creek Dr
Apt 304
Boulder, CO 80303
with “AFO donation” in the memo line

If you would like more information on AFO, please visit our website at (you can make donations here, as well). And please ‘like’
our Facebook page at

We are grateful for your support of Assured Future Orphanage and our efforts to transform the DRC and beyond.


Tristan Burger and Fred Gato

P.s. If you know of anyone who might take an interest in our project, please feel free to forward this email along. Many thanks!


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