Summer Research Award for SOAN’s Carolynn Hammen

Hi all,

Carolynn Hammen, who evidently found her way to the shores of this Swiss pond

Carolynn Hammen, who evidently found her way to the shores of this Swiss pond

As you many know, the University of Puget Sound offers students competitive Summer Research Awards. These awards, varying from $3250 to $3750, allow students to pursue an in-depth research project over the summer months. Several students in the department were successful this year, and I’ve asked each to tell us a little bit about what they’ll be doing with their time, energy, and stipend monies in the coming summer. Here’s what Carolynn Hammen (SOAN class of ’16, and currently studying abroad in Switzerland) had to say:

For my project, I will be examining migrant access to psychological healthcare. I have the incredible opportunity of partnering with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Cairo, Egypt to conduct my research, where I will be also working as an intern in the psychosocial health division. During my stay in Cairo, I will be using the resources of the IOM to examine barriers–both cultural and policy-based–that prevent migrants from obtaining or seeking psychological healthcare. I will also be conducting a review on existing policies and programs that aim to make psychological treatment accessible to migrant workers. Once identifying their weaknesses, I will work with the IOM to construct new policy recommendations to help improve said policies and/or programs. I am incredibly excited to embark on this adventure, and to see the results of this project!

That does sound like an amazing opportunity, Carolynn, and we can’t wait to hear how it goes. And summer in Cairo … well, that will be an experience of its own. Good luck, and we’ll look for an update later in the summer.


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