Summer Research Award for SOAN’s Elena Becker

Hi all,

Elena located a rope swing

Elena and a rope swing she located.

Here’s our second winner. More to come! So as you many know, the University of Puget Sound offers students competitive Summer Research Awards. These awards, varying from $3250 to $3750, allow students to pursue an in-depth research project over the summer months. Several students in the department were successful this year, and I’ve asked each to tell us a little bit about what they’ll be doing with their time, energy, and stipend monies in the coming summer. Here’s what Elena Becker (SOAN Sophomore) had to say:

This summer I’ll be exploring the cultural authenticity of tourism in Malaysian Borneo. I’m researching whether tourists there experience authentic indigenous culture, or if their encounters with the Dayak (indigenous people) are usually staged and curated by tour operators. Through this investigation I aim to shed light on the variety of cultural expectations held by tourists, tour operators and indigenous groups and the implications of these beliefs for indigenous cultural preservation. I’ll spend six weeks in Malaysian Borneo in the states of Sarawak and Sabah.

The department is proud of you, and we look forward to seeing the results of this project. Good luck, Elena. We’ll definitely be checking in with you for an update from the field! Andrew


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