The 2015 Senior Thesis Poster Session

IMG_5991Hi all,

On Friday, ten SOAN seniors presented their work at the annual Senior Thesis Poster Session. The event was very well attended, and included two of our alumni from years past — Aliyah Simcoff and Sarah Plummer. The students’ theses are currently under final revision. Here’s a list of the ten seniors who pursued the optional thesis in our reconfigured curriculum:

  • Mason Constantino Empowerment Through Care: An Ethnographic Examination of a Youth Gardening and Experiential Learning Program in Tacoma, WA
  • Logan explaining his project

    Logan explaining his project

    Logan Day Complicating Common Misperceptions of Muslims: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Media-driven Public Perception of Muslims and Arabs 

  • Kara Flynn Public History, Archives, and the Role of the Institution: The Salmon Beach Community
  • Chelsea Harris “A church on every corner, a coffee shop on every corner”: A Study of Two Evangelical Christian Organizations Within the Tacoma Faith Market
  • Chelsea describing her project

    Chelsea describing her project

    Kasey Janousek The Fashionista’s Dilemma: Personal Identity vs. Conformity Through the Vehicle of Fashion Trends

  • Edward Jones Transformational Festivals as Intentional Communities: Redefining Festivals Through the Experiences of Volunteers
  • Reilly Rosbotham Imagining the Wild: Changing Definitions of Wilderness and their Impact on the Designation and Management of Wild Sky
  • Ali Smith Anti-Trafficking Organizations: A Washington State Perspective
  • Elise Zeidman Narco-Violence, Migration, Detention, and Asylum: An Ethnographic Exploration of Mexican Migrant Pathways
Students and faculty concluded the day with a social at E9

Students and faculty concluded the day with a social at E9

Later that evening, students and faculty retired to E9 for our traditional end-of-the-semester SOAN social.





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