Visiting Historical Anthropologist talk on Ethnicity & Colonialism in Southeast Asia, Monday 4/4 @ 5pm


Interested in Southeast Asia, historical anthropology, colonialism, and/or ethnicity? Please come to this talk on Monday! Here are the details:

When & Where? April 4th at 5pm in Wyatt 109 

Who? Oliver Tappe, from the University of Cologne

What? Upland Encounters: Colonialism and sociopolitical transformations in the Lao-Vietnamese borderlands. 

Will refreshments be served? Refreshments WILL be served

At the turn of the 20th century, upland Indochina was an arena of political friction and complex intercultural dynamics. Once a contested frontier region between the lowland realms of the Vietnamese and Thai/Lao courts, the ethnically heterogeneous province of Houaphan (today NE Laos) constitutes an illustrative case study to investigate modern state formation and sociopolitical transformations. The presentation will focus especially on the interplay between the establishment of French colonial administration and local processes of resistance, adaptation, and mimetic appropriation.


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