Sam Carp’s AHSS Summer Research Plans

samcarpHi all,

As I noted in last week’s post, students at the University of Puget Sound can compete for funding to support summer research endeavors. Our department’s students were particularly successful last year, and again this year we’ve had numerous proposals successfully funded. In short, the AHSS Summer Research Awards, varying from $3250 to $3750, allow students to pursue an in-depth research project over the summer months. I’ve asked each of this year’s batch of students to tell us a little bit about what they’ll be doing with their time, energy, and grant monies in the coming summer. Here’s what Sam had to say about his new project:

My research intends to analyze the affects of industrialization on the development of small-scale agriculture in the urban and peri-urban regions of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Since the 1980s, increased urban development and a rise in industrial operations in Accra have had a detrimental affect on the ability of small plot urban farmers to cultivate land for agricultural purposes, resulting in a loss of both income and food for thousands of families. This is problematic because, as urban Ghanafarming becomes less of a priority and large-scale farms become more consolidated in rural areas, the crops and vegetables they produce become harder to access, and food security is decreased for those living in more populated areas. Throughout my observation and interview process, I will be working alongside and speaking to varying members of Accra’s governmental organizations and farming communities. I will also volunteering at an orphanage and working to grow crops for the children and volunteers working in the program. Hopefully I’ll also be able to find some time to travel around Ghana with the people I meet volunteering. I’m excited to see where this research leads me!

Good luck with this project, Sam, and we look forward to getting an update from you once you reach Ghana.




SOAN Club Social on Friday, May 13

Salmon Beach

The SOAN Club invites you to come celebrate the end of a great semester!

On Friday, May 13th we’ll be hosting an informal gathering at Andrew Gardner’s house (cabin 56) at Salmon Beach to wrap up this academic year. Feel free to drift in and out any time between 4 and 8pm. If your family is in town you’re welcome to bring them too! The more the merrier.

Salmon Beach is about fifteen minutes away by car, and at least one SOAN club leader will be driving. If you’d like to come but need a ride email Elena Becker at to coordinate. If you want to drive yourself and you have never been to the Beach before, shoot Andrew ( a quick email for directions and parking instructions. It’s pretty straightforward, but you’ll need a code for the gate. And while we’ll have a few snacks around, you should bring your own food or drink.

Congratulations on making it to May, and we’ll see you on the 13th!

Note from Andrew: Carpool if you can, bring something if you want!